Are you ready to heal yourself?

     Welcome to Lake Pilates. Learn how to heal yourself mind, body, heart, soul and secret, and understand what that means. Disease develops first in the level of the soul, and treating the body helps. When you learn how to release illness at a soul level true healing happens. Healing can be defined as drawing nearer to God, which is our purpose as human beings. Cultivating a personal relationship with God during your time here on earth is key.

     Start by developing a daily conversation with God. Ask God what you need to heal, and how Lake Pilates can serve you. Lake Pilates owner Hawa Robin Cahn has endless tools for treating the body, and when you allow your body to relax and release you can access your heart which is the doorway to your soul. Having access to the soul is priceless.

Love yourself through movement.

     When you move daily, your muscles optimally support your skeleton, and your body looks and feels better! Lake Pilates provides Pilates, Yoga, Strength Training, Craniosacral Therapy and Spiritual Healing with Hawa Robin Cahn. Serving the residents and visitors of South Florida, Hawa teaches private classes and group classes.

What can you expect from a session with Lake Pilates owner Hawa Robin Cahn?

     Using postural assessment skills, Hawa combines science with intuition. She looks at the alignment of your bones, how your muscles are pulling on your bones, and prays for guidance to understand which exercises will bring your body to balance. The muscles of the body should balance the body front and back, side to side, and allow you to rotate easily and pain free. If you are experiencing pain in the body, something is out of alignment physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. All four levels affect the posture of the body physically.

     Moving at your pace, she listens to your body, and progresses only when you are ready. Workouts are low-impact, core strengthening, and mindful of any health issues you may have. Pelvic Care Pilates is a specialty when you are training with Hawa, healing issues such as Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor Issues and Pelvic Pain.

     Hawa teaches you the anatomy of your core, so when you go into all fitness classes, and the instructor tells you to "engage your core", you will know exactly which muscles to use and how. Optimal alignment and correct form are a priority to ensure you are safe. You'll be met with a smile, an easy approach to exercise, and a genuine love of movement.

Why should I schedule an appointment with Hawa?

     Understand the underlying cause of your issues. During your session, Hawa will take you into a prayerful and meditative state to help you to know yourself more deeply. Supplicating and asking for God's help every step of the way is what makes working with Hawa different. If you are a true Soul Surfer be ready to receive practices to learn daily meditations that heal you mind, body, heart, soul, and secret. Become your own physician.

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