Did you know that stress can prevent you from losing weight?

Posted on May 14, 2016 at 9:45 PM

Stress hormones may be telling your body to hold on to the fat.  

Do you feel like you are pushing or always rushing?

Those feelings may be clues that cortisol is pumping in your system more than is needed.

How can you make changes in your lifestyle that make you feel like you have time and space to be?

We are a society focused on doing, but making time to BE is essential.  Learning how to settle the nervous system through craniosacral therapy, can bring you closer to your goals for weight loss.  Craniosacral Therapy is a hands on technique that helps to heal the nervous system.  The nervous system has two functions sympathetic and parasympathetic.  Sympathetic can be described as fight or flight.  Some of the functions of the sympathetic nervous system are to increase the heart rate and decrease digestion.  Parasympathetic can be described as rest and digest.  Some of the functions of the parasympathetic nervous system are to slow the heart rate and stimulate digestion.  When these two systems are in balance we have health.  And when the sympathetic nervous sytem is overactivated, long term stress can negatively affect health.

Why should you receive CranioSacral Therapy?

Long term stress can cover over your health.  Reduced energy levels and weight gain can be examples of how stress is affecting you.  Scheduling time to consciously rest, you will lay on a massage table fully clothed.  A CS therapist will lightly place her hands at specific parts of the body, including the feet, legs, torso, and cranium.  Listening for the cranial rhythm, literally a pulse in the body called the primary respiratory mechanism, the CS therapist acts like a tuning fork, slowing the rhythm, and finding the deeper currents called the midtide and long tide.  At some time during your treatment you may experience a still point, which is a time of reorganization in the body, and is deeply healing.  Setting your intentions to reduce stress, lose weight, or experience health can all bring you closer to your fitness goals.  

What kind of workout can I do that is not stressful?

Gentle workouts like Pilates and Yoga also help to settle the nervous system.  They give us a feeling of being grounded, centered, and embodied.  When we are fully embodied we naturally move at a slower more sustainable pace.  Living at the speed of life I call it.  Or the speed of breath.  Harder, faster, and stronger isn't always better especially if it is breaking you down, rather than building you up.  Pilates and Yoga combine strength, flexibility and balance in a way that progresses gradually at your own pace.  Allowing you to find your own rhythm, you will discover a life force current that helps you to know timing that is both livable and helps you know when you are pushing.

Why should you slow down?

Taking it easy may be the secret to weight loss if it means learning how to rest down into your kidneys and adrenals. Rest and recovery are the best friends of exericse. When you exercise, although this is good stress on the body, there are tiny microfiber tears that occur in the muscle tissue.  When you rest the muscle tissue builds back stronger than it was before. So essentially it is the rest time that makes us stronger.

Pushing and rushing decreases breath volume.  Often when I am stressed I notice I am holding my breath.  Even taking 3 long slow breaths can be a start to slowing down and settling the nervous system.  If you can, right now, pause, take 3 long slow inhales and exhales.  Notice how you feel before and after.  Peace.

Hawa Robin Cahn copyright 2017

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