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Beauty and Severity

Posted on July 27, 2017 at 3:25 PM

         We live in a dualistic plane.  In order to know Unity, we must know the duality.  When we meditate on both we will know that they are not mutually exclusive.  Knowing the Unity and the duality both exist helps us to understand both planes exist for a reason.  God asks us to know Him/Her.  We know God through the Unity or the Oneness and the Qualities or Aspects of God that trickle down through the spiritual planes to the material world, the duality.  These Qualities are divided into two dualistic aspects, the Beauty and the Severity.  Below are guided meditations, or leading questions to help you have an experience or taste of the Beauty and Severity within yourself.  Since God breathed His/Her light into the human being, we can know God by knowing the Divine Qualities within ourselves.  Start by taking a few long slow breaths to feel your heart, and connect with the Diving Light in your heart.  Ask God, “dear God, please turn my heart to face you”.  Breathe and wait for the Divine Response.  How do you know God has responded to your prayer?  Imagine as if your prayer was like a text message you sent to God, and you can feel the pulse of God texting you back, like you have received a message in your inbox.  When you feel ready, continue.  Throughout the blog, I’ll remind you to pause to breathe.  Three breaths is the least amount of time recommended for contemplation, and if you’d like to stay longer on any given part, take your time.

Take 3 deep breaths and meditate on the word Beauty.  As you are breathing ask “God, what do you want me to know about beauty?”.

What comes to mind or heart when you meditate on beauty?  A place, a thing, a person, a memory?  What reminds you of beauty?  Ask God to help you see God’s hand behind those images.  Take time to breath and wait for God’s response.

What is your relationship to the word “beauty”?  Pause and breathe.  I ask because I wonder if you think of yourself as beautiful.  Whatever resistance you have to the word reveals where you haven’t fully accepted yourself as beautiful, and is a lie.  Be willing to question the lies you tell yourself that keep you from believing you are God’s beauty incarnate.

Notice if there are any words or faces of people that come to mind that reinforce the lies that cover over your true beauty.  Ask God to remove those imprints from your perception to reveal your true beauty.  Take three breaths.  

Ask God to know the truth of who you are.  Take three more breaths.  

Thank God for what you have received.  

Is beauty an emotion?  A state of being?  What is beauty?  It is an aspect of the Divine and the flip side is God’s severity.  Why focus on beauty?  To balance life’s severity.  Carving out time to consciously meditate on beauty trains us to be more aware of the beauty that is everywhere so as to not be overwhelmed by the severity, and to remember beauty lies within our own hearts.  In Sufism the Beauty and the Severity are translated as the Jamal and the Jalal, there is a balance of both in the world.

Now take a moment to meditate on the severity. Take three deeps breaths and ask “God, what do you want me to know about severity?”.

Depth is a quality of the severity.  Ask God to help you know the depth of who you are, to open the doors to the unconscious and subconscious awareness.  As the doors to the unconscious and subconscious open ask for God’s strength to see what is in you that you may not be willing to look at.  As beliefs bubble up from the unconscious and subconscious, look at them.  Be the witness; look at the beliefs objectively suspending judgment and criticism.  Observing, allow the beliefs to rise and if not needed clear.  Take at least three minutes for this part, breathing slowly and deeply, asking God for help moment to moment.

Once you have allowed a handful of false beliefs to rise and clear, take a break.   Have a glass of water.   Practice self-care.   Do something you love.

May the peace and blessings of God be upon you.

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