Lake Pilates

    Love yourself through movement.
5355 Stirling Road, Suite D, Davie, FL 33314
Pilates, Yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling, CranioSacral Therapy and Spiritual Healing

Group Classes are taught by Lake Pilates owner Hawa Robin Cahn

Pilates: Tuesday and Thursday 7pm-8pm

      Unwind from your day with a night time Pilates Class.  Core strengthening, flexibility focused, and relaxing.  As your spine unwinds all the stress from your mind is released.  Improve your posture, boost your immune system, lighten your mood, and allow your heart to soften.  Alignment principles are established on Tuesdays, and we pick up the pace and level on Thursdays.

Pilates:  8:45am-9:45am Tuesday and Thursday

Start your day the Pilates way, with breathing, movement, and balancing exercises for your body. A full body workout that encourages alignment, core strength and flexibility. Relaxing, energizing and stabilizing, set yourself up for success with the Pilates Mat workout.  Women working on pelvic health issues such as Diastatis Recti, Incontinence, and Pelvic pain are welcome.  Pelvic Floor Fitness is a huge focus of the morning classes.

Yoga: 7pm-8:15pm Wednesday
Beginners are welcome.  Slow flow Vinyasa yoga influenced by Ashtanga and Iyengar.  Alignment principles that encourage the body to open and the joints to sing.  Pilates inspired Warm Ups to prepare you for Sun Salutations, Standing postures, seated postures, and lying down postures.  Rest down in Savasana and allow your soul to soar.  
*Kundalini Kriyas are now being incorporated into the Wednesday night class.  

Yamuna Body Rolling:  5:30pm-6:30pm Monday

Using a small ball trace your muscles from where they attach to the bone, stimulating bone, massaging tendon, and releasing muscle, a complete release.  Yamuna Body Rolling is a self-massage technique created by Yamuna Zake.  Take your Pilates and Yoga practices to the next level by incorporating YBR into your weekly exercise program.

Rainbow Yoga:  10am-11am Tuesday

Parent and Child Yoga.  Breathe and Be together as a family.  Learn yoga postures, breathing, chanting, and tools for self-regulation and co-regulation.  Kid friendly obstacle course that encourages coordination, gross motor skills, and fun!

Sufi Chants of Love: 7pm-8:30pm Sunday

Learn the foundation daily practice of the Shadhili Sufis.  We will receive teachings from Shaykh Muhammad Al-Jamal's book Music of the Soul and learn the four main chants that make up the Al-Wird Ash-Shadhdhuliyyah, also known as the watering hole.  Fill your cup with God’s Love.  Readings on the stations of the way from Music of the Soul is our current focus.  Maghreb will be prayed in community for those who observe.  Check website frequently for updated schedule.

Wild Feminine Pilates Workshop:  3pm-6pm Sunday October 21

Join with other women to traverse the planes of the Wild Feminine.  Using Pilates inspired movement to activate the core, we will meditate on the bones of the pelvis, uterus and ovaries.  Root wisdom bubbles up in the silence.  Connect and share with other women.   

Full Moon Circle:  Meditate by the Light of the Full Moon.  Let your light be reflected back to you by facilitator, Hawa Robin Cahn, Lake Pilates owner.  When we breathe together, be together, and see together, reflecting beauty is inevitable.  A free circle at Lake Pilates on the Full Moon, to fill your cup.  Rest, replenish, and remember, you are the Divine Light.