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Pilates Pelvic Care for Women

Breath deeply into your core and know love.

Postpartum Core Rehab:

After giving birth the core needs very specific tender loving care! Women can experience many symptoms after giving birth such as abdominal separation, pelvic floor tearing, perineum injury, incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, and pain during sex.

Learning core breathing, gentle pelvic floor activation, restorative yoga postures, self-massage, and how to gradually transition back into full workouts is key.

Please avoid high impact workouts for the first 9 months after you deliver your baby. Imagine the same amount of time it took for your baby to grow and your body to stretch, you will need to heal and recover.

During that time Hawa guides you with breathing, gentle Pilates, Yoga, and eventually into Weight Training all with the intention of returning to everyday movements and mindfully caring the weight of your baby.

Click the link to access the Healing Diastasis Recti 2021 video series:

Prenatal Core Support:

The benefits of exercising while you are pregnant are many:

-improve the health and IQ of your baby

-maintain your health

-core strength and less time needed for core recovery postpartum

-easier and faster delivery

-peace of mind during pregnancy

-learn how to balance the stress of labor and meditate between contraction

Love Yourself Through Movement

Every moment you spend on your mat now, prevents pain and injury later.

All Women Can Benefit

Pelvic Care Pilates for women is preventative care that guides women how to care for themselves with exercise to prevent very serious issues like incontinence, prolapse, low back pain, neck pain, and pelvic pain. When you exercise 2-3x a week you are preparing yourself to age gracefully avoiding serious health issues that are both uncomfortable, costly, and disrupt your quality of life.

Understand what are the muscles that make up your core. Learn how to activate and engage correctly. Feel stronger, more flexible, balanced, relaxed and energized.

Love yourself



Private Sessions available live on Zoom:

New group class schedule coming summer of 2022!

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