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Available for Duet and Private appointments,  Lake Pilates provides two Balanced Body Studio Reformer with tower units.  

What is the Pilates Reformer?

A machine created by Joseph Pilates that works with the resistance of springs.  Lying down on a mat that rolls on wheels on metal tracks in a wooden frame, Joseph Pilates wanted to reform the world with his "universal reformer".  He believed physical fitness is a prerequisite for happiness.

Why should I work out on a Pilates Reformer?

The effects of working with springs create a long lean and toned look for the muscles.  Anyone who says, "I want to workout, but I don't want to bulk up."  Pilates is for you.  Going beneath the surface, the springs traction the joints and create space in the body.  Frequently those suffering from musculoskeletal pain have compression in the joints, either in the extremities or the spine.  Working with springs decompresses the body relieving pain, and can be the healing for those suffering from herniated discs.  Using the elements of length with strength, I have not found anything that creates the same effects as the Pilates machine.

What are the benefits of the Pilates Reformer?

Long strong muscles

Freedom from musculo-skeletal pain

Toned muscles

Strong back

Flat abs


Deep breathing

Relaxed nervous system

Oceans of fun

How are Pilates Mat and the Pilates Reformer different?

Some say the Pilates mat exercises are harder than the reformer, because it's you against gravity without the assistance of the machine and the springs.  At times the springs increase the resistance, and at others they support the body and lessen the work against gravity.  For people healing from injuries, I recommend the machine, because it's a gentle way to start, supporting the body, and increasing body awareness preparing people for mat classes safely.