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Spiritual Healing

Inspired by Sufism

Healing through forgiveness, the knowledge of the Divine Qualities, and prayer, Spiritual Healing defines healing as getting closer to God. As our Divine awareness amplifies we learn God sends us teaching on currents of light. These currents of light are the Divine Names of God. As we receive life lessons, we become filled with the light of the Divine Name of God. God realization is knowing and embodying these Divine Names.

Spiritual Counseling

Heal Yourself

Spiritual Prescriptions are given during healing sessions for you to work with in between sessions. Working with a Divine Name in between sessions can accelerate your healing. “For as much as you remember the Names, the road is shortened for you.” –Sidi Al Jamal

Healing through Love

Be yourself.

     Spending time in prayer is not just for people who are religious. Its is for all humans who have hearts. We are being called to a deeper purpose to love ourselves and love each other more fully. Heal all the blocks you have in your heart from loving more deeply. Open to Oneness, open to Unity, and open to more understanding of yourself and others.

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